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Happy Me | #ThrowbackSaturday

October 7, 2017

Happy Me TBS

Good morning and happy Saturday to you, and with that it means it #ThrowbackSaturday where I repost content that is awesome and helpful i some way.  This weeks focus has been all about happy and with how your happiness starts with yourself, with how you feed yourself and now I share the little things that provide me with happiness all because I am able to appreciate that my happy starts with ME!

Original post April 17, 2017

Day 1 of the writing challenge that I am taking on with my good friend Lakell Maxwell from “Living As Lakell” (  Today’s topic is all about the things that make me happy.  Let me tell you there are so many things that do and it was a challenge to just speak about a few of those.  Let’s get right to it with my list of things that make me happy!

Much Love,


1.  Spending time and talking with my mom

So this should not come as a surprise to anyone that really knows me.  My mom is the first person that showed me the true meaning of unconditionally love.  She has always been the one that encouraged me embrace who I was and that its ok that I may not be understood by others, and that my self made tribe will come through right on time, and they have!  I love having conversations about all kinds of things because we think and process information completely different so she forces me to take a step outside of my own thoughts and experiences to consider others ways of looking at things and the world.  She is funny and tenacious, and a joy to watch doing any and everything ridiculously and innovatively well.  And of course, she gives free momma hugs!

2.  The Beach

Whenever I have this sense of being unsettled going to the beach soothes and calms me, it is like I am recharging my home base!  The smell of the water and the crispness of the air clears my lungs from all the congestion and toxins.  The coolness of the wet sand underneath my feet is soothing and relaxing, I mean there is nothing better than a pedicure from the ocean waters and sands of time.  The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore line quiets the ramblings in my mind, steadying the beat of my heart.  Just sitting there taking it all in for hours at a time, I look out at the vastness and reminded of the endless possibilities of dreaming.  I become more connected to my hearts desires and the answers I seek about chasing them.  It is my happy place!

3.  Waxing

Ok, this may be something that only my fellow estheticians and skin care therapist can understand.  There is nothing like having a client that has hair that they want waxed off and you have the task at hand to remove the unwanted hair, Ohhh the JOY!  It starts with checking the wax for that perfect consistency and testing that the temperature is just right, the anticipation builds.  Then, laying the wax with a smooth glide of the wrist and hand covering the area to be waxed.  Applying the muslin strip and applying pressure to bond the strip to the wax.  Removal, comforting the client through distraction to not focus on the fact that you just yanked out hair from their body.  And then there is this brief moment where you look at the strip and check for that white bulb around the root of the hair…SUCCESS…Mission Accomplished, YESSSSS, Ohhhh JOY!

4.  Cooking

I LOVE to cook, and the thrill of having fresh ingredients and the challenge of creating a meal that tastes good and is also good for me.  Over the years I have realized how powerful a process it is, preparing a meal that no only feeds your tastes buds but also feeds your body.  I try to be mindful when I am cooking and honoring the ingredients that I have and the time and effort that it took from growing from seeds nurturing that process, to hard work and time it takes for harvesting.  Yup, I do, and many may not realize that I do when they are watching from prep to plate.  When I cook I do it with intention, I am inspired by the ingredients, which is why my food tastes good and it looks good too. 

5.  Journaling

It all started when I was in high school and my English teacher required everyone to journal.  I learned that I could do a mind dump and be in a safe place to do so with out having to engage with other people.  It is through journaling that I am able to let go of things, process through things, and remind myself of the good parts of my day and not allow the bad parts to cloud the goodness that the day brought.  I am lighter, inspired for the potential of a new day.  When I lay my head down for the day I am happier, I have evaluated my day and set my intentions to do better tomorrow, God willing.

6. New Box of Crayola Crayons

Oh, the joy of a new box of Crayola crayons, that undeniable Crayola smell,  talk about joy rising.  The flat tip of new and unused crayons that only I have the joy of coloring with, breaking in the new colors introducing them to the world of paper and shapes and lines.  It does seem that I get less looks as I did before when I was coloring now that all the adults of the world are coloring.  FYI, I never stopped because I became an “adult” and will be coloring as long as I can and Crayola keeps making new boxes of crayons that bring me happiness thorough out my days. 

7. Taking Pictures

There are several activities that I can simply get lost in doing and taking pictures is one of them.  I love taking pictures of the most random of things, candid shots or just the world around me.  I love capturing those memories in time as a point of reference of how things were at one point in my life.  This makes me happy to be able to capture these images, the process of finding a photo opt or capturing those most randomnesses of moments that incited some sense of emotion, forever visually there to reminisce on.

8.  Dancing With A Side of Singing

I love to dance, and the one that is most likely turning the grocery store into my own private dance party if a song comes on that I know, haha.  I grew up dancing, took dance and fell in love with it.  It is the best mood booster, stress reliever, and calorie scorcher that you can do.  I can be found at anytime through out the day dancing and most likely singing along to the song at the most randomness of times.  But sometimes the music moves me and I have to go with it, I mean its rude to the people who spent the time to write the song that I am hearing and it is only the right thing to do to pay tribute through dance!

9.  Doing Scary Things

The life theme this year is all about chasing fears. and let me tell you that when you do, it is inspiring.  You see when you do those things that scare you and you get on the other side of that fear, you have moved from fear to accomplishment and in that moment, that realization is where the happiness and inspiration exists.  You now know that you are capable of doing things that may scare the crap out of you and that fact alone, is pure happiness to know that you are more amazing than before.  You know that the next thing that scares you is something that you can tackle, with a little bit of happiness to go with the side of that fear.

10.  Choosing To Be Happy

This is an important lesson that I have learned pretty early on in life, that we have the power to choose how we reflect on how are day is going.  No we can not change how people are but we can change how we are with those people, the engagement we have with them.  I make the conscience decision every second of the day to be happy, to focus on the good things and not those bad things I can do nothing about, although there are those times I can by being more positive about the current situation.  I hear all that time assumptions that I don’t have periods during my day when I may be challenged or get frustrated or upset, or even that I have never had life altering and shifting experiences happen to me.  I am human and I have human experiences like everyone else, but where the difference lies is that I choose to stay in my happy place and space, because I get more from the good place on the happy side of things! 

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