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The How To’s Of New Skin For The New Year | Skin Love

January 2, 2018 , , , ,

It is officially the start of a new year and with that means for many a new beginnings approach to things.  So, with that let’s talk about new beginnings for your skin during this start of a new year.  This new beginning starts with doing these three things, exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate.  If you do these things on a consistent basis you will see a difference in your skin and it will be better than it was last year.  So are you ready to commit to having your best skin yet for 2018 and beyond?


This is a vital step in the skin care treatment process.  In order to allow your products that you apply to your skin to be absorbed into the skin you have to be sure that any dry skin that may be sitting on the top layer of skin is not preventing product penetration.  This product penetration prevention wastes the money that you invest in for your skin care, and a great reason to motivate YOU to make sure this is a part of your skin care regimen, at least once a week.

For my body I like to use a sugar scrub that is basic and mixed with some type of oil that provides hydration to the new skin cells that are being revealed due to the exfoliation process.  Their is no need to spend a ton of money, a basic sugar and oil mix that you create at home is all you need, so there is no excuse to not exfoliate away.  For your face, I like to use a product that has some type of lactic acid that eats away and the dead skin cells combined with some type of mechanical exfoliant such as rice powder.  The chemical and the mechanical combined together create a harmonious pairing that gives the best exfoliation process as possible.  Without this process those amazingly formulated skin care products that you invest in are not being used to the fullest potential, so stop it right now, and get to exfoliating at least once a week!


During the winter months our skin becomes even more drier because of the elements that we expose our bodies to.  We are inside due to the coldness outside surrounding ourselves with artificial heat.  This artificial heat is drying and will dry out the already low moisture in the air, as well as our skin.  So, you may notice that your skin is drier, flaky, itchy, scaly, tighter, or ashy because of this artificial heating affect.  That is why it is so important that you moisturize to relieve that artificial heating affect.

Reach for more richer lotions that your skin will just love and will lead to having your best skin yet and beyond 2018.  I like to use products that have argan oil, shea butter, or even coconut oil.  They are all rich moisturizers that will feed your skin with the hydration that it needs as well as relieve the symptoms associated with and caused by the artificial heat affect.  By focusing on hydrating your skin now you will create a habit of doing so that provides your skin with hydration that allows for more plump, healthy, hydrated skin.  When your skin is healthy it looks amazing!  Who doesn’t want amazing looking skin, but also actually have amazing hydrated skin to go along with it, is the key.


Hydration is the key to so many things that are wrong with our bodies.  With our bodies being made up of so much water, it becomes critical that we are replenishing the water that we loose, especially in the winter time.  Winter is a time that many people seek out warm drinks to warm them up, like coffee or even tea.  And cold water is not often sought out when it is always cold out.  I know it may sound odd to drink, but try warm or room temperature water.  My favorite thing to drink in the winter months is warm water with lemon slices and ginger.  Not only does is help warm me up from the inside out, but it also provides me with a much needed boost of vitamin C with the hydration to boot.

When your skin is hydrated from the inside it shows on the the outside.  This is the key to amazing skin, hydrating from the inside.  When you feed your body with the water that it needs to create healthy cells as well as helping with basic organ functions, you become that, and it will be reflected on the outside.  Remember this, that we are the direct reflection of what we are in the inside.

So this is my home care recommendations that I provide with all my clients that want better, or their best skin ever.  Home care recommendation one, exfoliate in order to allow for better product absorption of active ingredients of the products that you are using to care for your skin.  Home care recommendation two, moisturize for that healthy plump skin, and moisturize some more.  Home care recommendation three, drink your water baby, because what you fill your body with will become what you carry around on the outside.  If you do these three things consistently, you will see a better version of your skin than before.

Much Love,


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