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There’s A Reason Black-eyed Peas Are Good Luck

January 5, 2018 , , ,

Lucky Peas wc.jpg

Happy New Year to you!  As a girl from the south I grew up with the idea that you have to eat black eyed peas on the first of the year for good luck in the new year.  Well this little pea with an eye looking right at ya is good luck for you alright.  They are lucky to your body if you are consuming them on a regular basis for so many reasons, beyond the first day of the new year.

They will bring you good luck because of the soluble fiber that they are chocked full of.  So what is soluble fiber and what makes it such a lucky thing?  Simply stated this type of fiber absorbs water and other things in the body as it is processed through.  It can help with processing cholesterol which leads to better heart health.  It also doesn’t spike your blood sugar when consumed.   Seemingly the most obvious good luck part of soluble fiber is that it helps with better bowel movements.  With 8 grams of fiber or more depending on if fresh, from dried or canned this is a high fiber food.

Good luck will be yours with the amount of folate that this little lucky bean contains.  Folate is part of the process of creating red and white blood cells.  Why is this important you ask?  Well simply stated, red blood cells the most abundant cell type in the body are responsible for carrying the oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide to your lungs while white blood cells fight infection.  I mean we need to breathe to survive and without our body fighting all the many viruses and bacteria that we come in contact with we would be dead.  Those two things are what allow you to thrive in order to receive the goodness that this life can bring us, or luck as some may call it.

So, eat those little black eyed peas up, also called cowpeas, to provide your body with some much needed good luck through the goodness of proper nutrition.  If you need to depend on a  food to bring you good luck to your body then this is one food that will be good to you for sure.  Remember you are what you eat, you can choose health or toxicity.

 Much Love,


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