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Let’s Get Bubbly: National Bubble Bath Day | Skin Love

January 8, 2018 , , , ,

Bubble Bath Day wc

Did you know that today is national bubble bath day, January 8th, 2018?  Well now you do, but before you jump in that tub here is a public service announcement from your fav esthetician for your consideration if you are going to join the festivities.  Before you hop in the water with some bubbles in a tub there are a few things that you need to be sure you add to your celebration to not sabotage your skin too much!


If you are adding a bath bomb to your party be sure that it doesn’t  have a lot of skin irritating ingredients such as colorants and even fragrance.  These two items can irritate the skin and a bath should be soothing and calming to the skin not the other way around.  Choose these trendy balls of color and fizz carefully.  If you need a suggestion check out the ones that you can get from Whole Foods as they are formulated with skin loving ingredients minus the skin irritating ones.  No they may not be all fancy with rainbows, glitter and unicorns and mermaids invited to the party.  What it takes to create these rainbows of sunshine and glitter galore is a whole lot of skin irritating ingredients that you shouldn’t invite to any party of any kind that you are having.


Do add some oil to the tub for added hydration.  Oil can add a barrier to your skin and aid in not drying the skin out which is what sitting in water will do over time, honestly speaking.  Add some good quality oil such as jojoba, sesame, even olive oil.  Stay away from the mineral oil, and why do you even have that to grab, no judgement just throw it away NOW and all will be right in the world.


In order to have a bubble bath you gotta add some bubbles to your bath, again, reach for a good quality brand with a formulation with your skin in mind.  You want if to be good for your skin not just good for making bubbles.  I don’t take baths more of a shower girl, but have had to give a bath or two to a little one recently and love the Honest Companies line of bubble baths.


Here is the most important part of this whole process.  Disconnect, let me repeat that again, DISCONNECT and enjoy a moment of solitude.  Use this time to let all the stress from your day or life just drift away if only for a moment in time while you lay in the tub.  Enjoy and honor your celebration of National Bubble Bath Day, you deserve to celebrate you who is in the tub.


Now, don’t be to sad that it has come to an end, but all things do come to an end.  Now’s the time to get to lathering on the slathering, aka put some lotion on.  You have been sitting in water and the sin requirement of doing this is adding and putting some moisture back to your skin with a hydrating body butter or lotion.  If you see any of my skin body care videos or just around me for any given time you know I love me some Josie Maran body butters, and Shea Moisture has some good options to choose from as well.

Now that you have your home care recommendations from me it’s time to celebrate!  Run that bath water, not too hot, pour in your bubbles and add from recommendations above.  Sit back and celebrate hard this National Bubble Bath Day 2018.

 Much Love,


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