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Affirmed In Love Day 5 Loving You | Word Love

February 5, 2018 ,

Affirmed Love wc.jpg
Welcome to Day 5 of Loving You!  Today is focused on affirming your love through affirmations.  Affirmations help you to focus your mind on what it is you want so you stop focusing those thoughts on what it is you don’t want. Today I’m sharing affirmations based on your current heart needs.
This affirmation is for those going through heartbreak ❣️.  Heartbreak can be a hard and painful process to go through.  What I have learned by doing my own heartbreak processing is that the key is time and that it is crucial to be kind and gentle to yourself.  So if this is what you are experiencing then repeat the below and practice being kind and gentle to yourself.  It is a process that takes time to adjust through.  Give yourself a break, don’t add to the heartbreak.
Heartbreak affirmation.jpg
This affirmation if perfect for those that are already in a relationship.  This reminds those of how we are responsible for the quality of love we allow our hearts to accept 💕.  Even-though we are in a relationship with another person we should not depend on our happiness and love to come from them.  That has to come from ourselves with our partners love to add to what we already have and also to not take from it either.
Relationship Affirmation
This affirmation is for those that are not in relationship but want to be in one.  The key to those in that heart space is to work on loving the life you already have.  By enjoying and feeding into your life and falling in love with that you will be open and ready to receive someone to come into it 💗.  When we are at our best we attract those that are at their best as well.  So stop focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do and what you can do to add to that by starting with you.
Fall In Love Affirmation

The key to affirmations is to put them into action by reading them, looking and seeing them, writing them out, and saying them back to your self over and over again.  Pull these closer to your thoughts when those moments of doubts come creeping in to your thoughts.  So pick which method works for you to commit to the process of affirming the love that you want to focus positively on.  We become what we feed our minds and based on that we live that existence.

Much Love,

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