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Heart Pumped Taking It Back To Basics Workout Wednesday Day 7 Loving You | Fit Love

February 7, 2018 , ,

Workout Wednesday 7-Feb


Did you know that February is heart awareness month?  Well now you do, so let’s talk about why every month should be focused on your awareness of how your heart is doing.  Since it is February let’s start there and with it being Workout Wednesday let’s talk about how important it is to get moving for the best heart health as possible.  With it also being Loving You and heart focused it just seems right.

pexels-photo-433267.jpegOne of the best things that you can do for your heart is to exercise to get that heart rate up above your resting heart rate.  Your heart is a muscle just like the other muscles in your body when you don’t use it your loose it and muscle atrophy sets in.  Muscle atrophy for your heart is deadly and leads to other ailments and illnesses in the body.   So, getting your heart rate up with some good cardio exercises each day allows your body to work at its most efficient.  When it is working efficiently your body is better equip to move with ease as it is designed to do and you feel better all around.

This back to basis workout is focused on moves that have been around for decades because simply, they work.  These moves are sure to get your heart rate up and get you moving today.  This is cardio focused workout, so while you are executing the moves be sure to pay attention to how your feeling, is the intensity too much or can you go harder?  A good rule of thumb is to see if you can talk while you are working out.  If you can hardly speak then you need to march in place to bring that heart rate down and decrease your intensity.

The workout will be for 4 rounds through of the following exercises:


1) Jumping Jacks
2) Push Ups
3) Jump Ropes
4) Sit Ups
5) Running in Place


Each exercise should be done for  50 seconds work with 10 seconds of rest between the next exercise.  You can take a break if needed between each round, but try to limit the amount of time you take to keep your heart rate in that cardio zone.

Much Love,


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