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FAQ Products That I Love Day 8 Loving You | Living Love

February 8, 2018 , , , ,

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Happy day 8 of Loving You!  I get asked questions all the time and I thought I would share some of the most asked questions that I get when it comes to products that I use and love.  In the spirit of sharing is caring here are a few items that I absolutely love for all areas of my life in no particular order.


korres-olive-oil-and-honey-shower-gel-d-2017111610371119_590524Korres Olive Oil & Honey Shower Gel

This has absolutely saved my skin this winter season.  This body wash cleans without drying my skin out.  In fact it has the opposite affect in that my skin feels hydrated after I get out of the shower.  Your skin will feel so soft after you use this just one time.  It is perfectly pH neutral so it won’t strip your skin of the needed moisture that we all need.  It doesn’t contain all those bad ingredients that can be harsh to the skin so you can feel good about putting this on your skin day in and out.


a330629Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

I LOOOOVVVEEEE this stuff.  It leaves my skin so soft and silky and ashyness is not something that I suffer with dare I say, anymore.  Now not all the scents are my fave I must admit and if I had to pick my all time fave scent it would be the red rooibos.  When I can get this in the large tub I buy two and it lasts me the entire year or so, unless I get indulgent with it from time to time, which I do.




trilogy-small@2x-1GT’S Trilogy Kombucha

The all time fave that I love is the GT’S Trilogy.  It is strong and bubbly how I like it unlike some of the other more weaker varieties, lol.  It reminds me of drinking an ice cold coke that I have not had in, umm yeah I can not even remember the last time, wow.  Also, when I drink a kombucha I just feel better and my stomach feels happier.  I do love how I feel like I am having a bit of a treat when I drink one with the added bonus that it is good for ya too!


pepper-jack-300x400@2xSkinny Pop Pepper Jack Popcorn

I must admit that it is really hard for me to not eat the whole bag in one sitting, or really over a days period.  The great thing about it is that it is only 420 calories for the entire bag, so guilty I do not feel, given my active lifestyle that I typically engage in.  This flavor is spicy and cheesy and this brand is not made with a whole lot of crap in it and with ingredients that I can pronounce and know that they are.  You are what you eat, so yes I know I can be a bit corny, haha 🙃



yoga wheelYoga Wheel This new wonderful wheel of roundness has give me so many moments of oh yeah that feels so good!  This is my new toy of fitness that I have been experimenting with for the past month or so.  I love to use it to stretch out my lower back since I sit a lot for most of the day.  I have slowly started to challenge myself with the different exercises that it shows you can use it with, and OMGGGG they are challenging.  This year for me is all about challenges and embracing them especially the ones that scare me!


blazeFitbit BLaze

I received this a Christmas gift and it is the most used gift that I have receive this year.  This has allowed me to focus on my health and gives me an idea of how I am moving each and every day.  What I am learning is that knowing what you do is powerful in order to know that you need to do something about and what you need to do about it all at the same time.  This tracks my steps, my workouts and how I worked out, my heart rate, my pace when walking and also shows you a map of the area that you walked, and also reminds me to move each hour when I haven’t.



1Classic_Black_Brass-2_largeMy Intent Bracelet

This has really helped to guide me and focus me through my life right now.  I have a phrase that serves as a reminder to myself that I wear at all times, I never take it off.  It helps to have something that is always with me that has a personal meaning of motivation.  My intent helps me embrace my life in a purposefully way.  It helps to have reminders to live our lives and this has helped me tremendously.


Millionaire-Manifesto-Book“Motivation Manifesto” by Brendan Burchard This is a book that everyone should carry with them if they are living their life.  There is  chapter for every motivation that one can use at any give point in their life.  It is real in its encouragement and has helped guide me through many a moment of fear creeping in a needing a bit of a peep talk with myself.

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