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A Life Update June Edition | Living With Love

June 1, 2018

Life Update June Edition wcHi my loves! I just wanted to take the time to tell you what I have been up to over the past few months and why I have not been so active in posting new content like I usually have been doing. I know some of you have missed me so much, lol 😆 so I wanted to take the time to explain my absence.

Since January of this year I have been on the most eye opening, challenging, mind and soul shifting experiences that I have ever been through. I have been working towards learning more about nutrition from a holistic approach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition working towards becoming a Health and Wellbeing Health Coach. I chose this program for its the holistic approach to diet and nutrition focusing on the why, how, what and when, that comes with living our lives and navigating through it all that affects the way we eat.

The fun part for me has been putting myself through this program which showed me areas that I myself needed to work on healing for better happiness in and with my life. So, over the past 6 months I have essentially put myself through the program that I offer to my current and future clients. This process helped me to identify and acknowledge specific areas that were not how or where I wanted and needed them to be, that just were not working for me.

Mind Map WCThe outcome has been a weight loss of over 20 lbs, muscle definition and increased strength, increased endurance, a recovering sugar addict, a new found love of cooking at home with an Instagram feed to show, and a new knowledge and application on the power of food and nutrition. The most powerful of all outcomes has been the shift on my overall outlook for my life and for once in a very long time I am happy to wake up and show up in this world. See that’s why I have been so absent, I have been pouring into myself and expanding my view on, well a lot!

I have learned about over 100 diets, the positive and negative effects of food on the body, and simply how powerful food is to our body. Food is so potent it can affect us on a cellular level that affects our mood, energy levels, weight gain or lack of being able to lose it, and inducing cravings that take over daily thoughts. Food has the power to heal and it has the power to injure, and the person in control of all of this is each and every one of us!

Food Healthy wcHere is a truth for you when it comes to food, we are a product of what we allow ourselves to eat based on the current state of various areas of our lives and how well we are living through our diet has a lot to do with seemingly surviving versus thriving. This surviving versus thriving paradigm as I like to call it these days, has a lot to do with going through the process of acknowledging and speaking where it pains you in all areas of our lives that make up who we are and how we show up! A few key areas of focus are relationships, career, and spirituality. By going through these areas and speaking where there are some imbalances in terms of complete fulfillment, what I call pains, allows your heart and brain to connect to each other focusing the attention and the intuitive power that our bodies innately have to shift and heal those areas positively.

Another key to the process that some people struggle with, is simply that we need help to walk through these shifts towards healing. Honestly, if we knew how, we, YOU, would have or be doing it on your own. There is nothing wrong with support, no person is an island and our society has become so disconnected from the loving support that we all need from time to time. My goal is to help people thrive and stop living in survival mode, life is sooo short to live in that mode. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help, so ask away!

There we go, a life update on myself and hopefully some words of consideration and inspiration. Each of us has the power to shift our lives how we want them to be. It starts with being clear what that is and looks like for YOU. If you need help, schedule a free one on one session with me where we go through where you are in your life from a body, life and heart-space and where you want to be.

Much Love,


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