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Eating For The Summer Season | Food With Love

June 29, 2018

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Happy Feeding You Friday, loves!!!  How have you all been feeling now that we are officially in the summer months for those of us that are in the US?  With the start of summer officially in full swing it got me to thinking about the changing seasons and the importance of eating what is in season.  So today I want to talk about the importance of eating foods based on the season.

 Seasonal food eating is simply focused on eating foods that are available in your area that are harvested during certain times of the year and eating foods based on local area availability.  This is a way that we use to eat because we grew our own food or had local farmers that we bought our food from and ate food based on what was available from the harvest of the season.

I believe that this is the way that mother nature intended us to eat and source our food.  When you look at the types of produce that is available during the various seasons they are food items that are complimentary to the current season that help provide not only nourishment but healing and relief from the current season.   when you look at.  Take the summer season that we are currently in, summer.  The summer season usually means hotter temperatures with produce available during this time of year providing a relief from the hot temps through cooling and hydrating foods like melons or berries.  It helps us to assimilate into the season more easily through the foods that we consume.

Another really important reason why there has been a push towards sourcing our food locally is how it reduced our carbon foot printing.  When we buy locally the amount of energy and fuel used is far less than buying food that had to travel thousands of miles away.  Sure, there is nothing wrong with every know and then consuming something that has to travel a distance, but the focus should be on what is sustainable long term, and that means buying local or within a certain mile radius.

To help guide you through the produce of the summer season I have a guide that will help you get a better idea of the types of foods that are in greater abundance.  For a full list of summer seasonal foods click the link to download my free resource guide below.  Stay tuned to next week with a new Feeding You Friday post with a recipe using some summer ingredients, so if you are not subscribed to receive the most recent content then be sure to do so here.  Stay cool and be sure to hydrate in this heat.

Much Love,


Summer Season Food Guide

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