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Let Me Introduce You To Your Magical Powers | Eating With Love

July 20, 2018

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If you are reading this then it means that it is Friday and time for me to help feed yourself in a loving way.  Today I really want to talk about something that really disheartens me as a Health Coach because I see the disappointment and continual failure when dealing with my clients and friends alike.  You wanna know what it is…it is the unsaid claim that “this WILL work for you” and you meaning this will work for everyone!

Now some claims are not intentionally misleading, because they do work, they honestly do.  It’s just in me knowing the truth of how things work for some and not others making these unsaid claims disheartening because of the frustration that it causes people.  So I am here to tell you that, it’s not you at all, no you are not doing something incorrect (well maybe you are from a YOUR body doesn’t like this or that standpoint), there is hope-I promise!

I am all about setting people up for success when it comes to what they are trying to accomplish.  With that comes the requirement to be honest and set expectations that are also realistic.  So I am going to get real with you, everything does not work for everyone.  Let me say that again, EVERYTHING does not work for EVERYONE!  I know…go right on ahead and breathe that sigh of instant relief.

Now, back to that setting ourselves up for success thought process we go here 😆  What works for someone else may cause you to struggle beyond your expectations.  By setting expectations that you are going to try something just to see how it works for you no matter the claims is the way to start.  When you start with setting your intention on seeing how it goes you are doing just that, testing it out to see how it goes for you.  You are not buying into the claims of this or that, only seeing how it will be, how it will fit for you.

If you see that it is not going well for you then, stop and try something else.  Stopping something does not mean you are a quitter, ok maybe it does mean that, but when did that become a bad thing?  Quitting is a magical super power that some of us are more comfortable accessing instantly, but something we all have.  Using that power means that you realize that it’s not working for you and you decide to stop doing that something that doesn’t work for you, which is essentially a waste of time.  Doing something that isn’t working for you is, drum roll please, the definition of insanity – so stop it, you have a life to live.

A beautiful thing about this quitting super power is that it taps into one of the biggest keys to loosing weight I have learned, listening to your body talking to you responding in various ways.  Our bodies are these amazing entities of wonder and amazement that likes to talk to us all the time.  Our responsibility that many of us ignore, is to be present in hearing these conversations.  When you allow yourself to open your ears to the instant truth from your body all those other claims of this product, person, or whatever, will allow you to have a healthy approach to something new.  You start to realize that there is no such thing as one size fits all prototypes, just a try it out and see how your body tells you to proceed and be okay with the response using those super powers that you have inside.

Much Love,


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