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Knowing Is Key | Food With Love

July 27, 2018

know what you eat wc

Happy Feeding Your Friday loves!  Today we are going to focus on feeding yourself through your diet or rather realizing how you are feeding yourself through your diet.  If you are struggling with losing weight this is a crucial step that can help move the needle in some way to figure out what may be blocking your weight loss.  If this is you in some capacity, then read on, and if not then still continue to read on 😁

Let’s get right into it here.  Ask yourself honestly what am I eating, like really, what are you eating?  If you can not tell yourself what you have eaten specifically for your entire day, then that may be a hint to an unknowing weight loss blocker.  Here’s the thing, knowing is key to being sure that you are eating in a way that if effective in loosing weight.  Sometimes we don’t realize what we are eating or how much we are eating impacting our caloric consumption unknowingly.

There is a very helpful way to get a clear picture of what you are eating, tracking or logging your food.  This simple, ok maybe not so simple as some may be thinking after reading further,  but if you are struggling with trying to figure out what is keeping you from moving the needle forward towards your health goals this will surely help in some capacity.  Take the time to track every single thing that you consume.  If it goes into your mouth you have to track it and that includes how much and when you did.  I always suggest doing this for a week, to get the best reporting possible.

As I said above, a week of tracking gives you insight into what you are consuming, sometimes unknowingly and can really help begin to put the puzzle together as to why there may be this assumed battle or struggle that you are going through.  You may not realize how much you are eating something that is not a bad in moderation food item, just not so good in the rate in which you are consuming it at.  So get to tracking to see if there is some tweaking that can be done with your diet.  Two really great ways to track is through a food journal or a food tracking app.

Much Love,


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