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Balanced Fitness | Fit With Nic

August 10, 2018

Fit 10-Aug wc

Today is Friday and I want to talk about feeding our bodies through how we move through exercise.  Fitness is an important part of having the best health for optimal well-being.  You can’t just focus on one area, it has to be a balanced focused on all areas.  Our bodies and the world itself is all about balance and it needs that, it seeks it out.  A balanced approach to how we move our bodies and for those that are concerned about loosing weight is just as important as your diet and emotional health.  Welcome to Feeding You Friday and happy day to you loves!

I talked a bit about my own personal approach to balanced fitness where I shared that my body was calling me to slow down and focus on doing exercises that are not as high intensity like I was doing and enjoying before.  Now I have moved into a new phase where I am feeling the need to get back into lifting weights, with some cardio built into to that as well.  No I am not over working out, I just listed to what my body needed and that was slow moving and burning exercises, like walking and body weight only movements.  Just as I speak about how each individual diet is specific to each person at any given time, that holds true to working out.

So now that I am feeling the need to incorporate more weight bearing exercises into my fitness routine I am shifting my focus a bit.  One of the most helpful platforms that has all types and levels of fitness focused content is fitness blender.  I absolutely love there content and that passion that you can tell they have for creating content to help and inspire others.  There workouts work and they have reasonably priced programs that you don’t loose access to and they have a ton, like a ton of free videos to look through and choose through.

If you are feeling a bit over how you are working out, take the time to see if you can find another way of going about it.  Try walking, maybe take a dance class, or cycling.  Find other ways that your body calls you to move.  It is important to keep moving, because our bodies do need that movement.  It is also important to listen to how your body is telling you that it is not really liking how you are moving it and adjust accordingly to find a way back to your specific fitness needs.

My August challenge is completing their FB Strong program.  It is a 4 week program that allows you to schedule when to start to or to reschedule if needed.  Once you purchase you own it, which is nice as you can come back to this from time to time.  Check out the program for yourself here–>💪🏽

Much Love,


Balanced Fitness Approach Chat–>🎥

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