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Naturally Getting Gassy | Food With Love

August 17, 2018

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This month is all about getting real and that means getting really real about bodily functions that people don’t like to talk about or admit is a real part of life.  If you have a body you have gas of some kind.  Why, you ask?  Simply stated it is operating in the way that it is designed to be and do.  So let’s get into the real truth about gas with some facts to help you learn to love the gas that you are carrying, and well passing.

The two causes of gas are by two means.  The first is by the foods that we eat and their nutritional properties.  While eating, digestive gases such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are released.  Lastly, when we take in too much air while eating, oxygen and nitrogen accumulates in the digestive tract when swallowing air while eating.  On average people produce 1-3 pints of gas a day and pass gas on average about 14-23 times a day.  About half the gas that is passed comes from swallowing air, not from the food that we eat.

Foods that have natural sugar, high in fiber, and starchy are the types that cause gas to be released during the digestive process because of how the body digests these types of foods.   The body just has a harder time digesting these types of foods down for absorption into the body.  Some foods that can cause gas are beans, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, etc.), dairy, fructose, sorbitol, and carbonated beverages.

There are two exits when it comes to your body letting out or passing out gas; your mouth or your rectum.  Gas is passed through your mouth, yes your mouth.  It is let out in the form of burping or belching as some people refer to it as.  Just think next time when you are burping that you are actually passing gas out of your mouth and it is just a natural way of letting it out.  The second way which is the way that most people associate with passing gas, is through the rectum.  This body part is at the end of the line when it comes to digestion.  So any by products that are left behind are released from this end.  It has to come out of you in some way, well one way.   That is the real process of how the body works!

So, what about the smell you ask?  That sometimes unpleasant aroma is from bacteria in the large intestine that release a gas called sulfur, which is the smell that you, well smell.  This smell can be found in other foods that we eat such as eggs.  Yeah, you just can’t help that it smells, it is just the body digesting the foods that you have eaten and doing its best to process those nutrients it needs to maintain proper body function.  Passing gas is just a part of the maintenance, and nothing to be ashamed of.  So stop shaming yourself and others!  For those people who have symptomatic gas you don’t have more gas than other people, but rather you may just be more sensitive to symptoms caused by this gas.

If you want to be less gassy, it will start with being mindful with what you are eating and how you are eating.  Being aware of the foods that you notice make your more gassy compared to others.  Avoid specific foods that you know give you gas and try to eat your meals more slowly.  No you will not element gas in the body, because it is there, it serves a purpose.  What you can do is minimize the excess amounts by doing what I mentioned above.

If you are experiencing debilitating pain when eating or have concerns about the gas that you are experiencing then consult a physician.

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