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Food Inequality and Frustrations of Being A Product of Your Environment | Living With Love

August 29, 2018

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Happy half way through the week day!  Today’s video came from my own personal frustrations that I felt the need to talk about it so it’s out there for those that may be feeling the same way and feeling alone in these feelings, not knowing what to do.  It’s time to get honest about the frustrations that people face with access to quality healthy food.  If I was to take you to my local grocery store and go to a grocery store a few miles closer to the city you would be shocked at the distinct difference!  This was NOT the case when I moved to this area about 10 years ago.  It was the same as that other area I can take you to, but due to the shift and changes to the downtown area it has caused a domino affect to the area that was once a thriving area with access to healthy foods and amenities.

As an in tune individual I know that things are shown to us to identify areas that we are called to focus on.  So for me this focus starts with talking about it, calling it what it is, bringing light to the issue, because it is an issue that some are aware of and some that are just unaware that there is something better.  As a health coach I have realized the extreme power that food has to heal and when real food it not consumed leads to dis-ease in the body.  It is not fair for people to have to choose from fake food that will make them sicker or keep them sicker because it is easier and cheaper to provide to them.  One area is not more deserving than another!  Every single person deserves the same access!  It is this access that provides a level playing field that allows people to be their most productive and thriving beings.  Let’s chat about is 💞

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