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Why The Winter Blues | Love Chat

January 21, 2018

We are in the middle of winter and it is a time that can bring about the winter blues.  Today let’s talk about why those blues exist and how to embrace the blues.  Remember that every season has a reason and Winter is no exception!
Much Love,

Get BurpEED Workout Wednesday Jan 17th | Fit Love

January 17, 2018

Workout Wed Jan 17th wcHappy Workout Wednesday to you!  Today I have another challenge that I am taking on and I want you to join me.  Today’s challenge is…..BURPEES, 100 total!  Why I have I chosen this exercise you ask?  Simply, they are the best all over body weight exercise that also gives some good cardio too.
Burpees work every single major muscle group on your body.  They help with increasing coordination and endurance, challenging both of those with every rep that you do.  They are for anyone at any level, with the option to do low impact as well as high.  So, you see this one move is perfection for everyone at all levels.  And the challenge that I have set for myself is to do 100 of them today.  Let’s see how this goes today…
Much Love,

Sugar Is Bad For Your Skin | Skin Love

January 16, 2018

This week is National Sugar Awareness week making it the perfect time to talk about the sugar affect.  When you eat sugar in excess and the body absorbs it as being toxic there is an immediate response that your body goes into.  That response is what I talk about below.
Much Love,

Psst Yes I’m Black | Living Love

January 15, 2018

Black Girl Living Header Image.png
I was asked about my opinion surrounding the Procter & Gamble Ad called the conversation when it was released last summer.  I never posted the content but did take the time to write it out how I was feeling.  In an effort to share my experience as a human being in this world along with the many things that make me who I am, I thought today would be the perfect day to share my experience living as a black woman in the United States of America. With today being  the day for observing Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday I thought I would share what I wrote originally back in July 2017.
Much Love,
As a black woman I have been a part of these talks growing up in some way and sadly have had to have the talk to an adorable young girl in tears not feeling good enough or worthy of existing in this world just last week!  I find it really hard to process from a place of love and compassion how this is a racist ad because it shows the realities of the various talks that I have been talked to about as many other black, brown, and others have day in and day out, still this day in age.  I challenge you to not be so quick to judge other peoples truths! Just because it highlights the reality that SO many people experience that you can not relate to does not mean that it is not a part of other peoples experiences and realities. Or, that it is not something that should be talked about because it shows how cruel other human beings are and can be towards others they feel, have been socialized and told to treat like that. Is it racist because maybe seemingly it generalizes a group of people that are causing the need for these talks?  Attempting to see both sides here, don’t take it as an attack on your personally, but demonstrating how those that ARE! If this does not represent who you are and how you are, then I challenge you to see it from the perspective of the other person who is being targeted, be compassionate beyond your understanding. Try to understand how it could possibly feel to be made to feel less than based solely on the color of your skin and not the content of your character.  I applaud Procter & Gamble for being bold with the knowledge that there would be backlash and still they did because they are trying to be a part of the change towards these talks becoming a part of our history on how things USE to be.  If we never talk about the REAL way things are we can NEVER move towards overcoming the mental and physical trauma caused in order to create a healing ointment, a vaccine of sorts. Not talking about it and saying that was the past and things are different is just highlighting the fact that we spend way too much time and money putting band-aids on wounds that are gushing with blood and will continue to do so until we talk about it! 

Race, Love and The Need For Courage | Love Chat

January 14, 2018

I posted this video during a really rough period, at the height of racial tensions in our country last year. Today it is still a prevalent conversation that needs to be had with a reminder to shine our lights of love and goodness. Enjoy, and I encourage YOU to start shining your light, tap into it and start shinning that light of love!

Much Love,


Folic Acid Awareness Week Jan 7-13, 2018 | Food With Love

January 12, 2018

Welcome to #FeedingYouFriday! Folic Acid, Vitamin B-9, is a synthetic form of Folate and an important nutrient to feed your body especially if you want to become pregnant or are currently pregnant. This week is Folic Acid Awareness Week and the perfect time to read up about the importance of this vitamin for cell development.   The National Birth Defect Prevention Network has a great website with informative and helpful resources that explain why there is a need for better awareness of this vitamin.  Link to Website Here.

Here are some natural foods that you can eat to start including and be sure that  Folate Vitamin B-9 in your diet.  I am going to keep saying this until I can say it any longer, you are what you eat!  With that you have the power to change what you are made of and there are food sources that you can eat that will allow you to become better with what you feed it.


Workout Wednesday Jan 10th | Fit Love

January 10, 2018

Workout Wednesday 10Jan wc.jpgAnd a hello to you on this Wednesday of Workout and Fitness!  Today I have another challenge for you that I will be taking on.  Are you ready for it…100 flights of stairs going up!  I know, wow oh wow.  Here’s the thing to remember that for me these days are my days to focus on getting some type of workout in not focused on the weights or even cardio per say, just focused on still getting an active day accomplished.

Much Love,


Eat These Pause These Foods For Great Skin | Food With Love

January 9, 2018

One of the hardest things about my practice as an esthetician is the diet that people are eating and how it is affecting their skin.  What you eat becomes a part of the skin that I treat and reflection of what you have eaten that your body has processed through.  Because I know you NEED to know and also WANT to know, let’s talk about what foods to eat and why you should and the ones that you pump the brakes on.

Much Love,


Let’s Get Bubbly: National Bubble Bath Day | Skin Love

January 8, 2018

Bubble Bath Day wc

Did you know that today is national bubble bath day, January 8th, 2018?  Well now you do, but before you jump in that tub here is a public service announcement from your fav esthetician for your consideration if you are going to join the festivities.  Before you hop in the water with some bubbles in a tub there are a few things that you need to be sure you add to your celebration to not sabotage your skin too much!


If you are adding a bath bomb to your party be sure that it doesn’t  have a lot of skin irritating ingredients such as colorants and even fragrance.  These two items can irritate the skin and a bath should be soothing and calming to the skin not the other way around.  Choose these trendy balls of color and fizz carefully.  If you need a suggestion check out the ones that you can get from Whole Foods as they are formulated with skin loving ingredients minus the skin irritating ones.  No they may not be all fancy with rainbows, glitter and unicorns and mermaids invited to the party.  What it takes to create these rainbows of sunshine and glitter galore is a whole lot of skin irritating ingredients that you shouldn’t invite to any party of any kind that you are having.


Do add some oil to the tub for added hydration.  Oil can add a barrier to your skin and aid in not drying the skin out which is what sitting in water will do over time, honestly speaking.  Add some good quality oil such as jojoba, sesame, even olive oil.  Stay away from the mineral oil, and why do you even have that to grab, no judgement just throw it away NOW and all will be right in the world.


In order to have a bubble bath you gotta add some bubbles to your bath, again, reach for a good quality brand with a formulation with your skin in mind.  You want if to be good for your skin not just good for making bubbles.  I don’t take baths more of a shower girl, but have had to give a bath or two to a little one recently and love the Honest Companies line of bubble baths.


Here is the most important part of this whole process.  Disconnect, let me repeat that again, DISCONNECT and enjoy a moment of solitude.  Use this time to let all the stress from your day or life just drift away if only for a moment in time while you lay in the tub.  Enjoy and honor your celebration of National Bubble Bath Day, you deserve to celebrate you who is in the tub.


Now, don’t be to sad that it has come to an end, but all things do come to an end.  Now’s the time to get to lathering on the slathering, aka put some lotion on.  You have been sitting in water and the sin requirement of doing this is adding and putting some moisture back to your skin with a hydrating body butter or lotion.  If you see any of my skin body care videos or just around me for any given time you know I love me some Josie Maran body butters, and Shea Moisture has some good options to choose from as well.

Now that you have your home care recommendations from me it’s time to celebrate!  Run that bath water, not too hot, pour in your bubbles and add from recommendations above.  Sit back and celebrate hard this National Bubble Bath Day 2018.

 Much Love,


The Truth About Goal Setting | Love Chat

January 7, 2018

Happy #LoveChat #Sunday to you.  Today let’s chat about the reality and truth when it comes of setting goals.  How do you go about it?  I’m sharing what I have learned over the years when it comes to honestly setting goals and actually accomplishing them.

Much Love,